Wednesday, April 24, 2013

13 Straight Days

I did it.  I ran on the treadmill every day of my trip.  13 days straight (one day twice).  Towards the end, I had to cut back my miles each day to about 3 because I started to get a little pain in my knee.  I was not looking for an injury. 

Mostly the last few days were more physiological than physical for going on each day.  Overall, I ran 54.2 miles in 13 days.  That is about 4.1 -4.2 miles a day on average.  This brings the total for the month to 64.2 miles over 17 days.  When I get back, it will leave me 9 days left In the month.  I should have no problem reaching 21 days and over 85 miles for the moth.

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