Friday, April 05, 2013

Business Meeting

I have a business meeting coming in the future.  This means I will be traveling and staying in a hotel for an extended period of time.  I am nervous of how this will impact my weight and fitness.
I have requested to have a hotel with a fridge in the room. I also wanted a fitness room so I can work out either before or after the meetings each day.  The last request was that the hotel is walking distance to the home office where the meetings will be taking place.

My plan when I arrive is to stop by a nearby grocery store and pick up a few staples.  Things like milk, cereal, tuna, bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables.  I also plan on waking up early and hitting treadmill before going to the office each day.  This way if the day runs late or if people are going out after work, I can still be socialable but still get my workout in. 

I am not much of an explorer, but I may go back to the treadmill after work and just walk for about an hour while watching some TV.

Anyone have any tips that they have used when they needed to get away for business?

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