Thursday, April 11, 2013

Food While Traveling

What a different a few years make since the last time I traveled.  I can remember eating the greasy food at the airport, maybe getting a fancy coffee drink and picking up some kind of sweet like a cookie.  Not this time, I came prepared. Flying is not a time I will experiment with different foods.

I kept it simple.  I took a a couple of pieces of plain pita, 2 bananas and a handful of almonds.  I ate my usual cereal and milk for breakfast, but I was hungry at the airport, I finished 1 piece of pita, 2 bananas and half of my almonds before I boarded my flight. 

I also wanted to stay hydrated before getting on the dry airplane. I drank about a liter of water before the flight and with the few cups of water they give us on the place I was ok. I also asked the flight attendant for a bottle of water, which she was happy to provide. This way I did not have to wait for water if I was thirsty.

The food on the flight was not bad. I ordered a veg lacto meal.  I was hoping for some kind of pasta dish with cheese, but I received beans, lentils and rice for lunch.  For the breakfast meal, I received a yogurt, salad and some bread and cream cheese.  They provided granola for the yogurt.  For the salad, they provided a nut mix. 

These kept me full and I was not starving after I landed. 

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