Friday, April 19, 2013

Exercise Room

I go to work out and someone is on the good treadmill.  I then go on the next one, it skips.  The one next it to does not go fast.  sigh...  I left and went upstairs and ate dinner.  I go back down about 40 mins later.  My treadmill is open.  I get on and 2 minutes later the top comes off. I try to put it back on and it happens a again. 

There were some girls in there. they told me the screws came out. I was getting upset. I needed this treadmill to work.  what did I do?  I went over to the treadmills that do not work and unscrewed two screws and put them the treadmill that works.  TADA!!!  I have four more days to work out. This treadmill better last.

I think tomorrow, I will make sure to get up and early.  For some reason, the exercise room is empty at 5:00am.

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