Friday, April 26, 2013

Back Outside

I made it back from my trip and was still in pretty good shape.  Running on the treadmill at a 2.0 incline had no adverse effect on my running up the hills in my city.  I landed Sunday night and went out for a short 3 mile run on Monday morning.  I then took off Tuesday, followed by 4 miles on Wednesday and 3 miles tonight.

Tonight was a tough run. I was not feeling good.  A combination of the jet lag, allergies and the change in the weather is giving me a headache and runny nose.  I pushed through the run tonight. I felt very out of shape during and after my run.  It was one of those nights, I should have skipped, but the weather was perfect and I wanted to go out and enjoy. 

I grabbed the IPOD, put on one of my new favorite pod cats (The Adam and Dr. Drew Show, Remember loveline from the last 90’s?).  I listened to half of this pod cast and will finish it tomorrow either on the commute to work or on the run later that evening.

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