Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Old Knee

Every once in a while, a get a small pain in my knee.  It is usually because of one of three things.  Either I am overdoing it, I need new shoes, or my toenails need to be cut.   I first felt it when I was away last week. I was on the treadmill and I stopped at the first sign. I assumed it was because I was running at that time, 10 days straight in the same pair of shoes.  Usually I alternate between two pairs.  Plus it was on a treadmill. It has been nearly three years since I have ran for longer than a few days on a treadmill.

Once I got back home, I went out again. I was keeping the runs short just to get me back into the routine.  One day, I went for 4 miles rather than 3 and I felt it again.  Sometimes, I will push through it and it goes away after a few minutes.  I was still pretty tired, so that was not an option.

Last night, I changed one of my pairs of shoes. At the beginning of the run, it felt ok, then I started feeling it again.  I knew it had to be my toenails.  If they get too long, they push up again the shoe. This has happened a few times in the past year.  I cut them last night and will have to wait until I get back out there this week to see how they feel.

I am expecting everything to be great.

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