Tuesday, July 30, 2013

11 Miles!!!

I ran 11 miles! This is a new personal record for me.  This also makes the second time I have reached double digits when out for a run.  I planned on attempting this distance of a run. I brought some music with a playlist that was over 2 hours.  I started slow and I knew about 2 miles into the run, this could be the night I reach a new record. 

I had to make a few stops during the run. The first was to put my sunglasses away. The second was when I needed to make a pit stop. The third was when I ran into a convenience store to pick up some water and the last was after a guy on a motorscooter fell off to see if he was ok. 

After I stopped and got some ice cold water, I felt refreshed. I made the turn where I knew I would reach 10 miles and then made the other turn to make it to 11. I thought about trying for 13.1 to make a half marathon, but I decided against it.  No injuries!

The next day I felt fine. I took the night off from running to give my body a nice break.

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