Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Dog Rant

Here is another rant about dogs.  I really hate dog owners who do not leash their dogs. As I was halfway through my run, I passed a house and people were coming out. Adults and kids. They also brought their dog with them. This was a little yapper of a dog, but when it saw me running, it had its ears back and teeth showing.  I am lucky I saw it in time.  I slowed down and started to walk. It started to follow me.  

Finally after a few tense moments, the dog ran away.  I saw it running into the street and it almost was run over.  Then, the little dog chased the car. I only thought that happened in the movies. I had to walk for a few minutes and I finished my run. I really wanted to confront the people, but I also wanted to get back into my run. I was feeling good. 

I am thinking about getting some mace, but I need to check the local laws first. How do you handle poor dog owners and yappy dogs when you are out running?

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