Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Being Flexible

To be successful with any running or weight loss plan, one of the keys is to be flexible.  You should have a few go to foods to eat before you go running and have tested each of them. I use bananas, yogurt, banana bread or even cereal and milk. This way, if the we have run out of bananas or I have not made a new batch of banana bread, I still can eat something before I go out. 

Also, you should try running different times of the day and see how your body reacts.  I prefer to run in the morning, but my schedule forces me to run after work every day.  But on the weekends or if I am going into work at a later time, I will run in the morning.  I know my morning runs may be a little slower or tough at first since my body is not warmed up from the day.  

Thirdly, the amount of miles you want to run each day. There is nothing wrong with extending your runs when you are feeling great and conditions are right. There is nothing wrong with cutting your runs short if you are just not feeling it.  Just recently, I went out planning to do 5 miles, and it was hot and I was tired. I wound up only doing 3 miles.  I was ok with that. The most important thing was to get out there and I did.

Lastly, be flexible with your off days.  When I take a rest day, it is usually because of two reasons. The first is my legs and body feel tired and they are telling me to rest. The second is that life happens. Sometimes, I need to stay at work late. Maybe, we need to do food shopping or there is a lot of cooking to do, or maybe I want to have a quiet evening with my wife with a nice home cooked dinner and a movie.

How flexible are you?

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