Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Humid Run

I went this morning around 6:30am for a nice 7 mile run.  It was cool out, but it was humid at that time of the day.  I much prefer to run in the hot dry heat rather than cool humid weather.  The problem with the humidity is that I sweat so much and the sweat does not evaporate off of me and my shirt. It just makes the clothes very wet. It gets a little uncomfortable. 

As I was out running, I could feel the temperatures rising and with the rising temperatures, the humidity dropping.  The heat of the sun felt so good when it would shine directly on me.  The last mile of my run was all in the sun, it felt great. I finished the 7 miles feeling great, but a little wetter than I am used to.

Do you prefer cool humid air or hot dry air to run in?

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