Friday, July 19, 2013

Tired Legs

The other day I decided to go out for a run. I was debating on taking a day off as I ran 16 miles in the previous two days.  But it was the first of this month and I wanted to get out there and get off to a good start for July. 

Once I arrived home from work, I completed a lot of tasks, I needed to complete around the house, while my wife got the younger kids ready for bed.  I then took the oldest with me to the grocery store to pick up a watermelon.  Finally, I was ready to go. 

My legs felt tired, but it was a good tired. I felt like I was going faster as the run went on. It felt great. I finished strong.  This was important to me as I wanted to see how I can handle running on tired legs to prepare for a half or full marathon in the future.

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