Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Another Dumb Article to Sell a Book

Here is a an article from Yahoo Health on why cardio is making you fat and not helping you lose weight.  Of course this book is all about how to lose weight by not exercising and only strength training.  How people are going to quit running or get discouraged from reading this article. 

 I can happily say he has the wrong idea. I have lost over 50 pounds and my main form of exercise is running.  I never lift weights or do any kind of strength training. I do some pushups each day, but I don’t think 40 push ups will burn enough calories to lose that much weight.  It had to be the running. 
I also disagree with the fact that 40% of the weight loss will come as muscle.  When I lost weight, i noticed more muscles. My calves were getting stronger and I had more muscle in my stomach.   My metabolism was great. 

Plus cardio is good for your heart and lungs.  He is right about one thing. Interval training. You can do intervals while running.  These would involve running hard for about 30 seconds and then slowing down for 90 seconds and repeating. 

Do not get discouraged. Running will help you to lose weight.  It did for me.

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