Tuesday, July 02, 2013

2 Day Personal Best

I achieved a new 2 day record this weekend. I ran 16 miles total on Saturday and Sunday. I did 7 miles Saturday morning followed by 9 miles on Sunday morning.   My previous personal best was 13 miles over two days.  It felt great.

The run was the last day of the month and I needed 11.4 miles to make it to 100 miles for the month. I was debated on whether to push it or to just go for a short 3 or 4 miler just to finish up the month.  

The temperatures were great.  It was in the 80’s and with a cool breeze.  Perfect weather for a run.  The sun was hot, but the shade was cool.  I have an easy way to add miles to run or to turn back if I choose to.  I made my turn and I was committed to 7 miles, then I kept going and was committed for 9 miles.

Then I started to get tired.  It was already mid morning and the temperatures were climbing.  I decided to end it with 9 miles.  Those last 2.4 miles didn’t really matter in the long term. I did not want to get injured.  With a new month upon us, I want to be ready to get there often early in the month.

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