Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 Years!!!

This past Sunday was 2 years since I started Running without a watch.  My weight has fluctuated from 172.0 pounds that I started at, all the way down to 153.0 and then for a while in a 5 pound range around 160.0. Lately, it has increased up to around 167.0.  I know why it has gone up and it is still a work in progess.

However, my running has never been better. I have been running consistently for these two years.  The longest stretch ever. I have been injury free. I think because I am running based on feel rather on time, it is keeping me from injuring myself. I have reached double digits twice.  I can run any size hill.

I am able to run 7,8, or 9 miles like I used to run 4 and 5 miles.  Just this past week, I had an 8.5 mile run and an 8 mile run. I have run my first race and have plans to do it again in the spring.

I do not feel like running has become a burden. It is part of my life. My kids cannot wait until they are old enough to go with me.

I am happy, I have found a way to keep running fun and making sure I get out there.

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