Monday, September 16, 2013

Speed Test

Tonight, I was deciding between going for a 5 mile speed test or 5.5 miles to bring my monthly average up to 5.0 miles. When I got out side, I noticed it was cooler so I decided to go for it. It has been a while since I have completed this route timed.  I wanted to see if I have lost any speed since March.

My record is about 42:21 for this route. I am hoping to break 40:00 one day, but I have not reached this goal yet.  Tonight, I used the nike plus to time myself. I stuck the IPOD in my fanny pack and periodically checked. When I reached the first checkpoint, I looked at my time. If I was under 6:00, I would keep going fast, if I was above, I was going to slow down and go for distance. It was at 5:40. Not my fastest, but I was happy.

During this entire time, I did not feel tired one bit. I was pushing myself, but I was never out of breath.  When I reached the end, and the time said 43:23, I was ecstatic.  This was not my fastest time and not a new record, but I have not lost much of anything during the heat of the summer.

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