Monday, September 02, 2013

August Stats

For the month of August, I ran 83 miles over 20 days.  I was 18 days until the 30th and 31st and just made it.  While I have a year goal of 250 days running, I still like to have at least 20 days running each month over at least 80 miles.  Anything less, does not feel like much.

For the month, we had a few family events and I worked every Sunday which at times made it harder to get out on those days. Also, after a very cool July, the weather finally heated up and there were many hot nights that I just did not feel like getting out there or going as far.

For September, I have a lot of vacation days that I am using and there are a bunch of a holidays.  I should have no problem going running on those days.  Especially in the morning.  I think I can get to 100 miles over 22 days this month.

How was your August and what do you have planned for September?

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