Friday, September 20, 2013

Exercise At Work

I have read a news article indicating that more and more people are finding time to exercise while at work.  They either are using a walk station (treadmill built into a desk), riding an exercise bike at their desk, using an exercise ball instead of a chair or just going out for a plain walk.

At my old job, I used the exercise bike under the desk.  I would petal about an hour throughout the day.  I had two that I used as the first one broke. The first one was a cheaper model that I bought at target.  This was quiet and light. The second one was one from brookstone. It was more stable but a little louder.

Now, I am big into taking walks during the day. During my day, I get out for about 2 walks plus I have my walk to work and from work.  It helps to refresh me and when I am stuck on a difficult case, I can take some time to think it through.

How do you exercise at work?

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