Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall has Arrived

Ahh.  Fall has arrived. I love this time of year. The temperature has dropped.  When I have gone out on my night runs, it is not as hot as it was a few weeks ago. I do not drink as much. I am able to go longer and faster than before.  Even during the day, when I decide to go out for a run, I can feel the chill of the cooler air even as I am baking in the sun.

It is starting to get darker earlier. Now by 7:30 it is pitch black out. If I wait to go running til about 6:30, I do not need to take my sunglasses.  Because of this, I am more vigilant when crossing the streets to make sure I see cars and their drivers see me.

This time of the year I say that Fall is my favorite time of the year to run.

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