Monday, September 30, 2013

Are we Getting Slower?

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal mentions how this generation of runners are slower than previous generations. They also mention how runners do not care if they finish a marathon in 3 hours or 4 hours.  Some people quoted state is because of the everyone gets a trophy mentality of society.

I disagree. I think the slowing down of times and the less competitiveness of racing has to do with two factors.  The first, being healthy is now part of each person lifestyle. When people head for a run, they are doing it for themselves, not to prove that they are faster that everyone else. They enjoy running and run marathons for the experience of running in a city that they normally cannot run uninterrupted.

The other factor is we are more wired and plugged in that we have ever been in our history. People are working longer and harder than in the past. Also, the seperation between work and home life has become blurred. Running is a way to escape. People either unplug or tune out and just run.

Do you agree or disagree?

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