Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Music Makes it Fun

The other night, I was debating on going out for a run.  You know how it is. First you get dressed slowly, then you have your prerun snack. Even then, you still haven't made up your mind.  During this time, I asked my wife what she had planned for the next hour. The older one was still awake watching a video. She just wanted some quiet time with her book. That made my decision, I headed out for a run.

I decided to grab my IPOD and go.  The music was what I needed. Since I usually do not run with music, it helped to change things up for me.  It relaxed me and I was feeling good. Instead of 3 miles, I did 5 bring me to 75 for the month. It also kept my monthly average at 5.0 per run.

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