Thursday, September 05, 2013


I have taken the past few days off of work to spend time with my family leading into the holidays.  The kids will have a few days off of school and since I worked a lot in August, I will get to spend some time with them. One of the things I was hoping to do was go running each of the 10 days I was out. I figured I could average 5.0 miles on each run.

What I did not count on was how tired I would be at the end of each day. How does my wife do it!  It is tiring to entertain the kids while at the same time, getting everything done around the house. Making food, cleaning up and laundry. While I am working everyday, I have about a 1 hour commute door to door. This hour involves some walking and usually by the time I get home, I feel refreshed to help out with the kids for bedtime. I have enough energy to go out for a run.

I was planning on getting up each morning early and be out of the house by 6am.  Instead, I have found myself sleeping in til about 5:30 - 6am. Then, the kids want to eat breakfast with me and the day begins. Yesterday, I skipped my run. Today, I did make it out for 5 miles.

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