Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What Kind of Runner Are You?

What kind of runner are you? Are you a type A personality, where you need to have your schedule set for the next few months. Do you plan long runs and then do not deviate no matter on your family schedule, weather, or how you feel? 

Or are you a go with the flow type of runner.  Do you go out with an idea of what you want to accomplish that day or week and then see where the run takes you. I am this type of runner.  I have an idea of how far I want to go, but depending on how I am feeling, the weather, or my schedule, I will change it even during the run.

There are many times, I head out not really feeling like I want to and only planning on doing 3 miles and then the next thing, I wind up doing five.  Or maybe, I am feeling great early on my run. My eyes then get big and I say, I am going to do 10, 11 or even 13.1 miles that day.  Instead I wind up stopping at 4.

Which kind are you?

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