Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Crossing The Street

The other day, I was outside on my lunch break getting some fresh air when I notice a runner getting in a lunch time work out.  I like to watch runners. I like to see how fast are they going. I try to guess if they are training for a marathon or trying to lose weight. Are they new to running or a veteran.

Regardless of what type of runner he was, this guy I noticed was a complete moron.  I watched him cross the main road of the office park without even looking. He had his head phones in and just went.  There was a car approaching, who luckily slowed down.

What made this worse, was there was a crosswalk about 20 feet up ahead, that he most likely did not want to stop at.  Stopping to cross the street will not have any adverse effect on your run.  Luckily for this guy, everything worked out ok.

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