Friday, November 01, 2013

October Stats

For the month of October, I ran 91.3 miles over 20 days.  It was close. I needed to make it out the last four days of the month and I did.  October was tough.  We had a new schedule in the house and it was making it tough to get out for a run 3 of the days of the week.  Two of those days, my son has a class which makes the night later. The other day, I do a big food shopping run.

The schedule is getting easier to adopt to. The past week, I made it out on 2 out of those 3 days. I have decided that getting out at 6:30 is better than nothing. Also, now that the time changed, its getting darker earlier. This also keeps my motivation down. I am glad the weather has not turned colder yet. Put all three of those together, and I am really struggling to get out.

For November, I am hoping to run 100 miles over 22 days.  We will see.  How was your October?

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