Thursday, November 14, 2013

Timed Run

Two days ago, I went out with my watch to run at an easy pace. I wanted to see if I am correct about my normal pace when I am out not trying to break records. I assumed I was right around 9 minutes a mile.

It was hard running with a watch and not trying to go for speed. I had a few tricks to use to keep me from going too fast.  The first was to pay attention to my breathing. As long as I was not out of breath, I knew I was at a correct pace. The second trick was to start singing a few lines of a song I know

This run was important as you can tell from yesterdays post, I am starting to go out with just my watch and not worry about any particular route. However, I still like to have an idea of how many miles I am running. 

Now it is official.  9:00 a mile is the pace I will use.  My long term goal will be to get to 2 hours of running.

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