Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making a Healthy Meal

Not only has my running suffered with the change in the weather and time, but so has my cooking.  I also do not feel too motivated to cook these healthy meals. I have been eating lots of homemade pizzas and fries or eggs for dinner. For lunch, it is has been a struggle as well. I may take a salad, but it does not leave me as fulfilled as they used to. Or I have been taking some cereal to have a cereal and milk snack at work  Not what I used to take.

Finally this week, I took some time to make a nice meal. I made three pieces of salmon with whole wheat pasta and steamed veggies for dinner. We are going to make a nice bean stew for me to take to work with some pasta or whole wheat couscous. This will be something that I can heat up that will keep me filled for the day.

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