Thursday, November 21, 2013

Double Digits

I finally made it to double digits again. The last time I tried was when I went 9.5 and then crashed and burned and had to the walk remaining distance home. I was really hoping to do 6 or 7 miles. I knew it was a good night to try to go long as I had nothing to do at the house and I was take my wife out to dinner the next night.

I made it to my 4 mile turnout and then went left. Doing this would add 2 more miles to the route as I looped out one neighborhood and then back. I then made the turn to add 1 more mile. 7 was a great number as it has even been a while since I have done this amount.

I was feeling great and the weather was cool enough to actually be enjoyable. I decided to go for it and complete the loop that would be 10 miles when I finished. The hard part about this loop is that there is a 1.5 mile part straight uphill. Tough!  My shoelace came undone about halfway so I had to stop and start again.

I completed the run and felt great. I took the next day off and then went out for a nice 4 mile run.  It felt great to get back to double digits. 

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