Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fun Run

Tonight I did a fun run and it was fun. I went out with out any set amount I needed to run or any particular route. I knew I wanted to do 4 miles which means at least 36 minutes.  Our city is filled with numerous pedestrian tunnels, bridges and paths throughout the different neighborhoods.

I started up my usual path and then this time, I went under the first tunnel and took the path all the way to the big park in the center of the city.  I ran through the park and then through one of the neighborhoods and crossed one of the bridges. I have not been to this part of the city before and was surprised to see some stores at the bottom of the buildings. I made a note to come back and check it during a different time.

I enjoyed myself running around and just going as I felt. I turned around when I wanted to and didn't care where I wound up. After about 25 minutes of this, I decided to start finding my way home.  I made it home in about 41 minutes and then decided that I can make it 5 miles just by going a few more minutes down the road and then back up. 

I ran to the end of the street and then instead of running right back up, I ran up the steps to the park and then down the path back to the street. It was a lot of fun.

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