Monday, November 18, 2013

Feeling Unmotivated

Its been a long month. Once the time change occurs and it gets darker sooner, I am a complete mess. I lose a lot of motivation. Its hard to go out and run for a while and it is dark and cold. This happens to me every year.  I work through it, but it takes time. 

So far, I have only ran 9 days out of 16 so this month. That means I have missed 7 days!!!  Out of those 7 days, I could have ran at least 5 of them.  But I was feeling unmotivated. Its hard, when two days a week, I take my son to a class and then get home around 6:30.  One night I go food shopping and Friday nights, I sometimes skip to have a nice evening with my wife. we can eat an early dinner and clean up and then have some time together.

With 14 days left this month, I do not have too many days left to skip if I want to make it to 20 days this month running.  What are some of the tricks you use to keep yourself motivated?

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