Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memory Run

I found out there was a 2K race tonight in my city. I was not sure what kind of "race" this would be. I thought I would just run up to the starting line, start the race and then continue on. I go to the starting line and then we waited about 20 minutes for the race to start.

After the made the announcements about 50 people including I headed off for a run/walk. It turned out this was a memory race in other of someone.  The person's father led the race and noone passed. He was going at a quick pace and soon the race was in two groups. The fast group of runners and the walkers. 

Being in the lead group, we ran some of the streets and then we would stop and hear a quick speech and then run some more. I ran with the group until the last stop and then continued on. I did about 3 miles and even though, I didn't get in the type of work out I wanted, it still felt nice.

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