Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April Stats

I ran 86 miles over 23 days.  My goal for April was 90 miles over 21 days.  I reached the goal in the number of the days and fell short in the total miles ran for the month.  Both of these, had to do with my trip that took me away from home for two weeks during the middle parts of the month.

I found it easier to run every day on the treadmill, when I had nothing else to do.  However, near the end of the trip, I had to cut my mileage down because my legs were not used to it.  Running on a treadmill was a lot harder for me.  When I got back , the jetlag hit me harder than I thought. I have been doing 3 miles a few times this week and the longest run was 4 miles.

I am setting big goals for May. The weather is ideal for running.  No more rain until November.  No more Cold until then as well.  The days are staying dark later, It is completely dark by 8pm right now and towards the end of the month, it will be closer to 8:30pm.

I am planning on 110 miles over 25 days.  This will be new records for both.  It is feasible. I will have a few long runs in there.  Once on the weekends and once during the week.

How did your April turn out?

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