Monday, June 17, 2013

A Runners City

I was speaking to a neighbor yesterday at the park.  She said, they have some friends who are thinking of moving to our city, but the husband is a runner and doesn’t think our city would be great for running compare to where they live now.  She spoke to the right person.  Our city is the best for running.

There are many pedestrian only paths and some bridges and tunnels to cross streets without actually crossing them.  There is not one stop light in the city.  All the intersections are traffic circles.  Thine sidewalks are wide enough for people to pass each other without feeling crowded.  There are many people who are out all throughout the day, whether walking, running or just waiting for a bus.

I told her to tell him, I run 4-6 miles a day 5 times a week and the longest I have ran was 10 miles. I also, said I have a path that will complete a 13 mile loop without crossing the same street twice. She said she would relay the message to him. Running is a terrible reason to not move to the city.

How runnable is your city?

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