Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Neighbors Making Healthy Changes

The other night, I was outside waiting for a ride and I passed one of my neighbors coming back from what looked like a walk.  The next time, I saw his wife from our balcony heading out for a walk with her IPOD. It was great to see these folks start to make some positive changes in their life.

They are both big people. They are at least 50=60 pounds overweight.  They eat very unhealthy, as our kids have played with their kids before and they have been invited in for snacks.  They eat lots of chips, pretzels, candy and other junk food. For meals, they eat at lot of fatty greasy foods like fried chicken.

It made me wonder, what was their trigger to start making this change?  This was the first time, I have seen either one of them exercise in the few years we have been living in the apartment building.  Did they get a poor diagnosis from the doctor?  Are they trying to finally start to be healthy?  I would like to ask them, but I do not know the correct protocol in this situation.

They see me running all the time; I will wait and see if they start to ask my some questions.  How have you handled this situation before?

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