Thursday, June 13, 2013

Running an Errand

Tonight, I tried something new. I ran an errand, literally. I needed to be at my volunteer job, which was across town.  I had three ways to get there. I could walk, run, or take 2 buses.  I figured if I walked, I would be just as sweaty if I ran and if took a bus, because of the schedules, I would get there around the same time. So I ran.

I loaded up a backpack with a change of clothes, some toiletries, an extra water bottle, and food and I set off. I wanted to do at least 3 miles. Since the distance to my volunteer job is 2.5 miles, I quickly did a .5 mile loop and then got on my way. 

Running with a backpack is harder than it seems.  I tightened the straps to keep it from flapping, but it was heavier than I am used to running with. All in all it seemed like a good idea, and I may continue to run errands.

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