Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Five Fingers

Yesterday, I spoke about how runnable our city.  Our city is mapped out like a hand.  There is the palm, which has the mall, city hall, and pool.  Then each neighborhood is like a finger. They extend out anywhere from 1-3 miles around. 
I like this set up. I can run from my house and circle the mall, which is about 3 or 4 miles, depending on how I complete the circle.  This way, I can a few miles at a time without getting stuck.

Last night, I went out and went around a neighborhood in the city, I hardly ever visit. It was great I turned my 3 miles run into 5.3 miles without even feeling it.  The nice thing is psychological this works. I run the same 1.5 miles up and I run the same 1.5 miles at the end.  In between its different, but when I arrive at the ast 1.5 miles, my mind thinks we only were only doing 3 miles that night.

What tricks do you have to extend your distance?

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