Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Caffeine Free. Again.

I am caffeine free, again.  I knew I needed to quit it again once I started to need a coffee right when I got home from work to make it through the evening.  Plus, my half and half coffee was becoming 2 scoops of regular, rather than one of each.  It was getting out of hand.

Coffee is funny. It wakes you after you drink it, but then you start to crash and get tired again. So you wind up drinking more of it and the cycle repeats itself.  I quit cold turkey, as for me this is the best way to quit anything. 

Day one was ok. Day 2 and 3 were painful. I had a headache and I was very tired. I could not stay awake at all on Saturday. By Sunday and Monday, I was feeling better. Today, its great.  My headache was gone. I did not crash at all today. I stayed at one level the entire day.

I had enough energy to even go out for a 5 mile run tonight. It felt great.  The other thing, my weight always seems to go down when I quit regular coffee.  Either coffee has some kind of effect on my weight or I am just in a good place regarding diet and exercise, that I feel comfortable quitting it again.

Has anyone else made the move to decaf their life?

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