Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Overweight Kids

Its sad when I see overweight kids out an about. I see so many overweight 5-10 years old. I just think its not fair for them. Its not their fault.  Its their parents fault. The amount of junk these kids eat and sugary drinks they wash it down with. The lack of exercise as they rather stay in watching tv or playing video games.

My wife and I were discussing.  We ate junk when we were kids.  Why weren't there so many fat kids around then. Maybe it was the amount of exercise we got.  We use to ride our bikes to McDonalds which about 10 miles away.  We would spend every afternoon outside. Whether playing basketball, football, frisbee, or having a catch. The only time we would play video games or watch tv was if the weather was poor. 

Or are the recipes different in the foods we used to eat. As the quest for the all mightly dollar turned junk food from junk food into junk chemcials?

What do you think?

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