Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Podcast

I have found a new podcast that I have started to Listen to. Vinnie Tortorich, America’s angriest trainer.  He is big on no sugar and no grains. While I am not one to restrict any one group over of foods over an other, I still enjoy listening to his rants. He tells it like it is, but he is sincere. He sounds like he really cares and is angry that people are having their good intentions stolen.
He and his cohost Anna Vocino are very easy to listen to.  He has nearly 200 podcasts available for download.  Each are about 45-60 minutes long. Easy enough to listen on your commute or while you are exercising.  I have started with some of the newer ones and concurrently listen to the older ones.
They do go off topic and rants about non fitness related topics.  Sometimes, its one of the reasons, I enjoy the show. He has a new book out, “fitness confidential” that I am looking to order one of these days.
Which new Podcasts are you listening to?

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