Wednesday, October 02, 2013

September Stats

For the month of September, I ran 112.7 miles over the course of 22 days.  I achieved a new personal best for miles ran per run. I averaged about 5.1 miles per run. This has been one of my goals to achieve an average of at least 5 miles per run during the course of a month.

It was not easy. I have been pushing myself to conquer the longer distances.  5 of my runs were above 8 miles and 2 of those were above 9!. For these runs, I felt great and just kept going. Once the weather got cooler at night, it made it easier to stay out a little longer.

For October, I had originally planned to run all 31 days, however due to a commitment early in the month, that will not happen.  I then wanted to plan to run 135 miles over 27 days to reach a new record for days and miles ran in a month.  Plus an average of 5.0 miles.

I decided to keep it simple. I am going to shoot for 110 miles over 22 days. Similar to this month. Maybe, I will finally get to 12 or 13.1 miles. 

How was your September and what do you have planned for October?

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