Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Its Only Five of 7

I was contemplating on whether to go running tonight or not. Usually, after a food shopping run, the night gets away from me. By the time, I finish putting everything away and cutting up the fruit and vegetables, its usually close to 7:00pm. 7:00pm may not be that late for you, but when you are up before 5:00am every morning to get ready for work, its late.

We just changed the clocks this weekend and my body is not adjusted yet.  It makes it harder to be motivated to go out when it is already dark.  I really wanted to get out there tonight and the rest of the month, as I am close to having my 8th straight month of at least 20 days running.

My wife saw me contemplating and said. Its only five of 7.  That is the time. Not five of 8.  Why don't you go out and do a quick run.  That is what I did. I did 3 miles.  This actually brought me to the ninth straight month of at least 80 miles running.

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