Friday, October 18, 2013

Puzzle Pieces

The city I live in is an interesting shape. Very good for running.  In it is almost shaped like a hand with different fingers sticking out.  Most of my runs involve running from my house to around one of the "fingers".  Sometimes, if I am feeling great, I will boost my mileage by adding more than one "finger".

I have added all the mileage if I run all the fingers and it comes to 12.9 miles. Very close to a half marathon.  I can easily add the distance to make it a perfect half. I am starting add the last of the fingers to my runs. The first is 2.7 miles which brings back to near the beginning of my usual path.

I just pick up and continue on normally.  The second is about a mile loop that will bring back to my usual halfway point. One of my "if everything goes right" goals for the year is to run the entire length.  I am slowly getting there. The puzzle is almost complete.

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