Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cleaning Your Running Clothes

Since yesterday, I started to talk about cleaning.  Today I want to bring up running clothes.  How often do you clean your running clothes or how many times to do you wear them in a row before you put them in the laundry?

I have a few systems that I use. First is the smell test. If my clothes start to smell, that is a dead giveaway its time to wash and use some clean shorts and shirt. If my wife tells me they smell, whether I agree with her, I will wash them and wear clean clothes.

Sometimes, if I am doing a load of laundry, I will wash them before they need to just to keep up with it. I find I feel better when I am running in clean clothes. In the summer months, I can go 2-3 runs. In the winter months, I go about 3-5 runs. Now of course, I change my socks and underwear after each run.

What is your system for staying fresh and clean?

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