Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Twice during the past few weeks, my shoelaces have come undone during a run.  I am not sure exactly why, since I have been tying my shoes the same way for years.  I used to double knot, but now I have started to triple knot and it is helping.

Something I’ve noticed from this experience is that after my shoelaces came undone and I stopped to retie it, I was able to get right back out there and continue my run as if nothing had happened.  In the past when I needed to stop mid run I would struggle the rest of the way, even walking a lot until I completed my route.

This improvement is important, because it gives me confidence knowing that if I stop to stretch, tie shoes, go to the bathroom or fill up my water bottle, I will be able to get back out there and finish my run as if I didn’t stop. 

Are you able to stop and start if you need to?

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