Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Tag Team

With a new baby in the house and two other young kids, trying to find time to go running can be challenging.  Not to mention the 11 hours of the day 5 or 6 times a week I am at work (including commuting time).  It’s not like I come home from work, put my stuff down, change and head back out.  The only place I would be running to is the couch in the living room.

In reality it feels like my wife and I are part of a tag-team wrestling team.   She nurses the baby and I feed the older two.  TAG.  I take the baby, she bathes the kids. TAG.  She takes the baby back and I get the kids dressed and ready for bed.  TAG.  I take the baby, so my wife can eat dinner.  TAG.  I give my wife the baby to put to bed and I change and get ready for my run.

How do you balance work/family with your running schedule?

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