Monday, August 27, 2012

Still on Track

After this weekend, I did it. I made a new record for miles ran per month.  I am up to 83.4 miles so far in August running 18 out of 26 days.  Not too bad.  This beats my previous record of 81.2 in April.  I broke it with a nice 6 mile run.

My goal for the month of August is 90 miles and running 23 days.  I am still on track.  I should have the mileage goal reached after my run on the 29th.   I may reach it even sooner if I decide to go out for a run on Monday rather than taking my scheduled rest day. 

I even have a chance to reach 100 miles for the month if I decide to push myself. I am only 16.6 miles away with 4 days of potential running left this month.  Due to a prior commitment on Thursday, I am unable to run.  While Friday’s are my usual rest day, it will be pretty difficult to take the day off if I am up to 95 or 96 miles for the month.

I am not going to reach my goal of 23 days running this month.  I most likely will be at 21 with a chance at 22 depending on how the week plays out.  I am not too disappointed with not meeting this goal as my total mileage for the month is a new record and closing in on 100 miles.

How are you goals for the month of August shaping up?

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