Monday, August 06, 2012

The Joy of Walking

As a runner, I used to turn my nose at the thought of walking.  I used to consider walking an activity for senior citizens to do at the mall.  During my Running Without a Watch journey, I have discovered the joy of walking. 

  • Walking is a great way to add miles during the day without the extra stress on my body.
  • You will burn extra calories.  I burn about 80 calories per mile walking.  A calorie burned is a calorie burned.   
  •  It is a great way to exercise on your rest days.
  • On the weekends, I am able to take the kids playground hopping.  I put them in the stroller and walk around the city.  I usually cover 4 – 5 miles during this time. 
  • It helps me to get a little exercise and stretch my legs while I am at work. 
  • It is another way for me to measure how great of shape I am in.  On my loop near my office, there is a hill that used to cause me to breathe a little heavier when I would walk up it.  Now, I hardly notice that I am going uphill.

Do you use walking as a tool to help you with your running?

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  1. All your bullet points I agree with 100%. Im about 100-120 cals per mile depending on if I have 1 or 2 kids with me (Im Mr Mom). The first 9 months of my diet that is all I did. Im only jogging 3-4 days a week right now so on my off days I am either walking or riding my bike. I usually only take 1 day off per week right now.