Monday, May 27, 2013

5-10 Miles, Wow

I was at my volunteer job last night and started to talk some of the other people.  They were discussing different triathlons and how they did. Of course my ears perked up, when I heard them speaking.  They were speaking of their difference times and how they do better at swimming and biking rather than running.  

They conversation turned to me, and they asked if belong to a gym or workout. I said I do not belong to a gym, but I am a runner. They asked how far I usually go and I said 4-10 miles, 4-5 times a week.  They said wow.  They do not seem like they get much running. I overheard their workout plans and they mention, maybe they will do 1-2 miles a time, possible get it to 3 miles one day.  Obviously their reasons for running different from mine; they are training for a race, while I run because I love to run.  

I mentioned, I may be doing a marathon or at least a half marathon next year and they said they may do it as well.  It’s just funny how things seem to other people  I was impressed because they run triathlons and they were impressed by the distance I cover when I run.

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