Thursday, May 16, 2013

8 Out of 10

I was reading in one of my running books where it gave a suggestion that for each run you do, you should give it a grade.  For example, if you run 3 miles when you were schedule to do 5, you can give yourself 8 out of 10.  You got out there and you ran smart, maybe you weren’t feeling it and you ended early.  

I decided to start doing something with my eating.  On a day, where I measure everything and have no slip ups, I will give myself a 10.  Other days, depending on what I do and how bad it is, I will give a different score.  For example, today, we were going to a friend’s house to celebrate a holiday. We were going for dessert, so I knew there would be cheesecake and other goodies.   I had two small pieces of cheesecake (one of each kind), 1 cookie and some watermelon. 

I am giving myself an 8.  I was really careful and I had to eat something so I would not be rude.  My only slip up was the extra cookie. After I realized it, I quickly switched to fruit and never looked back.

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