Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unexpected Day Off

I did not run today. I was planning on it, but we had a surprise thunderstorm that came out of nowhere.  About 30 minutes before I would have gone out running, it poured.  There was thunder and lighting.  After it was over, I thought about heading out as the sidewalks were drying out.  Once I was outside, I saw the street was still soaked and the crosswalks felt slippery.  

I have run 30 of the past 35 days and did 10.4 miles on Saturday.  A rest day would probably be good for me.  I made the most of my time.  I made a nice dinner for my wife and I.  We ate together.  I made granola for breakfast. Finally, I made a soup.  I have wanted soup for a long time, but I have not had the time to make it.  

This one came out delicious.  It only has 6 ingredients.  They include onion, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, lentil and barley.  Yum.  I can’t wait to eat this for dinner the next few days.

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