Thursday, May 02, 2013

My Own Truman Show

Sometimes when I am out running, I feel like I am living my own version of the The Truman Show.  In case you have not seen this movie.  It is a movie starring Jim Carey.  He is living in a city that is designed for him and everything is staged.  He sees the same people at the same time each day.  

I usually pass an older gentleman. He is sometimes with his friend. He always wears a white shirt or when it is cold, his yellow jacket.  I pass the young girl.  She always seems to be running fast in the opposite direction as me.  We must live in different parts of the city, but do the same route.  Then there is the young guy.  This guy is pretty fast and he never looks tired.  I usually pass him pretty quick into my run as I am going up the first hill and he is coming down.

Do you ever see the same people each time you are out for a run?

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